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Dancepeutic believes everyone can dance! Expressing yourself comes from the heart and dancing from your heart is a language that needs no words. Body movement through dance connects the body and the mind and creates a way to express feelings and emotions.

Dancepeutic provides an opportunity through dance movement for individuals to discover freedom, joy, emotional expression, emotional release, which in turn creates a positive energy which improvements physical and mental health.

This unique dance studio offers classes from infants through to adults. The classes are planned and presented using brain-compatible principles that make learning fun and enjoyable for all types of students. The teachers use a five-part lesson plan. Students explore a variety of dance concepts throughout the semester by warming up with the Brain Dance, exploring the concept, developing skills, creating, and cooling down. The five-part lesson plan alternates teacher-directed activities with student-centered activities, and developing skills with improvisation. This structure provides the repetition and novelty that engages all learners.
  Dancepeutic believes body movement creates a non-traditional avenue to connect body, mind, and spirit. This holistic approach creates a way to express feelings and emotions which has a direct effect on people and society. This form of expression is a tool that promotes mental relaxation and spiritual growth that will promote healthy lives in individuals and in turn society as a whole.

Dancepeutic wants to open this freedom of expression and self-discovery to every corporation, individual and group that knows the value of self- improvement and is seeking an effective avenue to reach holistic integration.